Studio Etiquette



To get the most from your yoga class, please remember:

■Only socks or bare feet in the studio. You can leave your shoes in the racks in the building’s lobby.

■Please turn off your cell phone and leave it in your bag.

■Please do not wear any cologne, perfume, or scented deodorant to the studio. We encourage deep breathing during class and some may have serious negative reactions to strong scents.

■Wear loose, comfortable clothing that is not binding at your belly. Remember: Yoga is not a fashion show.

■Eat sparingly in the 1-2 hours prior to your class.

■No open water containers in the practice space, please. Water bottles with secure lids work best.

■Please do not place your jewelry and glasses on the practice floor; they may get stepped on.

■If you arrive late, DO NOT unroll your mat or get your props during the opening meditation. Please wait until we start moving.

■If you need to leave early, please do so before final relaxation starts.

■Pregnant? New to yoga? Working with an injury? Please let your teacher know how you are feeling and take care of yourself!

■Be smart about leaving portable valuables in your car. Lock ’em up. You may also leave your belongings in the cubbies just inside the practice space, near the sign-in desk.

■For hygiene purposes, we encourage you to buy your own mat.