Click on the items on the calendar to see their descriptions.
See below for more tips on using the calendar .



  • To see details about a class, click on the class block. A pop-up appears, which contains the full title for the class, the teacher who’s teaching that day, and a description of the class.
  • To display a different day, week, or month, click the right and left arrows in the upper left area of the calendar OR click the down-arrow icon next to the current date/date range and select a different date from the pop-up calendar.
  • To change the calendar view, select the appropriate tab in the upper right of the calendar.
  • If you use Google Calendar on your personal computer or mobile device, you can sync the¬†Candler Park¬†Yoga class calendar with your Google calendars on those devices. Refer to the Google online help for how to sync calendars.