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Agustina Vega

image1(1)I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and discovered Yoga at the age of 18 and was instantly drawn to it since I wanted to explore spirituality and self-knowledge from a non-religious point of view. I felt I had found a practice that not only could make me healthier but also could offer a wholesome path.   Continue Reading →

Brittany Wilkerson RYT 500

brittany wilkersonI discovered yoga for the first time ten years ago at Laughing Lotus Yoga  Center in New York City. I remember leaving the studio after class and seeing the city with a fresh perspective and a feeling of presence I had never experienced before. I was astounded by steadiness and calm yoga brought to my anxious mind and enjoyed moving my body in a new, healing way. After moving to Los Angeles in 2006, I stumbled upon a   Continue Reading →

Jane Tunno

I came to yoga in 2007. At first yoga was all about the “work out” it offered my body. After practicing for just a few months, I began to notice that I wasn’t feeling as anxious and stressed, and that my sore and tight hips from a lifetime as a runner weren’t hurting as much. After the death of my mom in 2009, yoga became a Continue Reading →

Lee Furey

lee furyI started practicing yoga 36 years ago when my best friend came home from Governor’s Honors and taught me a few poses. A few years later, I learned more when I was pregnant with twins.

I wandered in and out of yoga studios in my 30 years of travels around the US as a literary historian. About 13 years ago I began   Continue Reading →

Mary Jane Pennington

maryjaneI live Yoga as process and encourage mindfulness in the present. I am grateful to have received my 200hour teacher training from Asheville Yoga Center, where I was introduced to and influenced by knowledge, compassion and openness. Daily, I evolve as a performing artist with gloATL, a collaborative platform of contemporary performance. As a teacher, I am dedicated to holding space where individuals can join through intention and share a practice that allows inner investigation, acceptance and expansion.

Rebecca Sands

The practice of yoga has been a central theme in my life for 30 years, ever since I was introduced to Margaret and Martin Pierce at the Pierce Yoga Program. They were my teachers for many years and Martin guided me through teacher training at their studio. For the past 20 years, Continue Reading →

Samantha Shal

samanthashalI fell in love with yoga very quickly after attending my first class, which was with Vladimir! Within a year I was enrolled in teacher training, not necessarily to teach but to deepen my practice, experience, and knowledge. Although challenging, it didn’t take me long to realize that I loved teaching yoga almost as much as practicing it.   Continue Reading →

Vladimir Tchakarov


I began practicing Martial Arts as a small child back in my home country and after 16 years of practice I found yoga. I immediately felt Continue Reading →