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Medicine Sanga with Ian Boccio Wednesdays 7:30p

Free Admission!  Donations gratefully accepted.

The Medicine Circle is a spiritual practice designed to help increase the body’s natural healing energy, for the purpose of overcoming existing illness (physical, emotional, or mental). The Circle is open to

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Summer Solstice Dance w/DJ Swivel 6/25 7-9p $10

ecstatic-danceOLedIn the Spirit of free-form movement and connecting with yourself through a conscious selection of music designed to take you on a deep inner journey, we invite you to join us for this Summer Solstice Dance w/ DJ Swivel.
DJ Swivel is a Sonic Shaman & the co founder of Radio Om est.1997, Atlanta’s original world beat electronica collective. He will provide us with a soundscape to travel within our selves, around the Globe and the furthest realms of consciousness.  
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Singing for Fun with Elise Witt 6/26-7/24 7:30-8:45p

5-week Series

Low-pressure, High-pleasure

This class is both a forum for individuals to learn more about their own voice, and a way to build community through group singing. Warm-ups deepen breath and relaxation to find the most natural and efficient use of our singing instrument. Over the course of the session, we develop a repertoire of songs from many traditions and styles. Drawing from her Continue Reading →

Restorative Yoga Soundbath Summer Edition 7/7 7:30p

Join us for a soothing evening of deep relaxation through yoga and sound. Brittany  will guide you through a series of gentle restorative yoga poses, while Jennifer’s crystal bowls bathe you in harmonic vibrations. This practice will soothe your nervous system, quiet your mind, and invite you to relax deeply held tension. Appropriate for all levels.
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Tonglen Meditation facilitated by Christine Peck by Donation

TonglenHeardEdited6 wk-Series Sundays 11:30a-12:15p  7/9-8/13

The practice of Tonglen, or giving and receiving, is a Buddhist practice which connects us with a deep compassion and empathy, for ourselves and other. It involves breathing in -and into- suffering, feeling it, acknowledging and accepting its existence…and then breathing out compassion, Love and healing.
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Golden Treasures Tai Chi w/Marc Kaplan

finaljulyaug17taichibold9-wk Series Tuesdays 7:30-8:30p 7/11-9/5

Tai Chi (Taijijuan) focuses on breathing and flowing gestures, it is often described as meditation in motion. It emerged sometime around 1500s in China. Its ancient roots are grounded in martial arts, but Tai Chi movements are not aggressive. They are based on shifting body weight through a series of light, controlled movements that flow rhythmically together into one long, graceful gesture. The sequences have poetic names, such as “Waving hands in clouds” or “Pushing the mountain,” and are quite beautiful to observers.    Continue Reading →

Gentle Yoga & Soulful Breathwork 8/5 2:30-5:30p

Join Karen Dorfman & Plamen Russev for a soulful practice of gentle yoga followed by breathwork.

Pranayama, the formal practice of controlling the breath, lies at the heart of yoga. As we move our bodies through a series of flowing yoga poses we are creating space, opening up the energetic pathways for the breath to flow in and out. This practice calms the nervous system, allows the body to release stagnant energy and oxygenates the bloodstream bringing healing and vitality to all the cells.   Continue Reading →