Calming the Mind through Sacred Sound: “Winter Gongs” 4-part insight series with Eddie Easterly

4 Sundays 1/7, 14, 21 & 28

Session III: The Art of Attention 1/21 7-8:30p

Life and nourishment flow to where our attention is directed, and whatever our attention is on grows stronger.
An often unacknowledged habit, where we place our attention has great significance on the quality of our lives.
In this session, paying attention to sound trains us to use attention with more intent and purpose.  

Resistance stops the flow if energy and causes stress.
Resistance is born out of judgements and expectations and can limit our scope of opportunity.
In this session, we free ourselves by practice the feeling of “allowing what is”, and we fully observe a thing to learn and grow.
About this sound bath:
We will embark on a journey of relaxation, focused awareness, and calm while floating within a cloud of delicate and harmonic-rich sounds. Listen to gongs and other sacred and modern acoustic instruments to reduce attachment to outcomes, calm an overactive mind, and allow the body to heal itself. Additional benefits you receive depend on setting a personal intention and focusing your awareness on the vibrations blooming around you. For maximum benefit, it’s recommended that you be as comfortable as possible and lay down with eyes closed; However, you can sit up with eyes closed. Bring your yoga mat if you like. The listening period will last about an hour. After the session you may feel groggy for a time, yet renewed and peaceful; If you plan to drive afterwards, stay with us a few minutes for simple grounding exercises and vocal toning, or wait until your body comes fully back to its senses before operating a vehicle or heavy machinery. You’re welcome stay with us for fifteen minutes of questions and discussion.
Please note: Not recommended for pregnant women under 12-weeks, due to unstable nature of any pregnancy during this first trimester. Conditions such as epilepsy, seizures, tinnitus, thrombosis, and Meniere’s may be triggered by sound. Metal implants, pins, and screws may be affected by the vibrations, and the rhythm of a pacemaker may also be affected.
image1About the facilitator:
Eddie Easterly is a sacred sound facilitator, multi-instrumentalist, and street performer. After working for twenty years as a software engineer in busy corporate environments, he began a daily meditation practice and over time noticed the difference each session made in significantly calming his overactive thinking and reducing his attachment to outcomes. Deepening his research, he found that both ancient and modern civilizations used sacred instruments for spiritual and cultural purposes. After teaching himself how to play various acoustic instruments and use his voice in specific ways during a part of his practice, Eddie found it easier to enter and maintain specific states of consciousness, during which he experienced greater relaxation, concentration, life realizations, pain reduction, and restful sleep for the day. Performing improvised sound in a format known as a “sound bath”, he facilitates listening sessions for groups and individuals.. Eddie transformed his life into a musical journey of lasting fulfillment and continued discovery through sharing and listening to sound. He uses a mix of didgeridoos, hand drums, classical guitar, orchestral gongs, vocal toning, throat singing, chimes, Himalayan singing bowls, and other instruments. Eddie facilitated sound sessions at ChantLanta 2017, and his guitar music has been featured on The Weather Channel’s “Local on the 8s” segment.

One session $15, 2 sessions


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