Vladimir Tchakarov


I began practicing Martial Arts as a small child back in my home country and after 16 years of practice I found yoga. I immediately felt a strong attraction to the practice of yoga and the one-pointed awareness it brings. I became a yoga addict quickly and within a few months I was taking classes daily, sometimes up to five classes a day. I like to think I’m a Jai Shanti homegrown, since I mostly took classes here and I finished my Pranakriya 200-Hour YTT with Yoganand and William. It feels great to have practiced with all the wonderful teachers at Jai Shanti and then to take their place at the front of the room and experience yoga classes from the teacher’s perspective. I love yoga and the peace and joy it brings into my life. I understand now that I will always remain a student even as I teach, for I am continuously learning and changing through yoga. Currently I am working on my 500-hour certification with Yoganand. I like to hike, bike and go camping in my spare time. I love learning about yoga and other mystical traditions and I like to hear what other people have experienced and learned on their journey.


Certifications & Trainings

■Pranakriya 200-Hour Basic Level Yoga Teacher – January 2010


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