Gentle Yoga & Soulful Breathwork 11/4 2:30-5:30p

Join Karen Dorfman & Plamen Russev for a soulful practice of gentle yoga followed by breathwork.

Pranayama, the formal practice of controlling the breath, lies at the heart of yoga. As we move our bodies through a series of flowing yoga poses we are creating space, opening up the energetic pathways for the breath to flow in and out. This practice calms the nervous system, allows the body to release stagnant energy and oxygenates the bloodstream bringing healing and vitality to all the cells.   This workshop will be set to a super sweet soundtrack of music so we can move and​ breathe in unison!

We’ll begin with a full explanation of the practice, then 45 minutes of yoga flowing into 60 minutes of breathwork, finishing with time to reintegrate and answer questions.

The workshop is for everybody, no experience necessary!

karendorfmanKaren began practicing yoga over 15 years ago and in 2006 she completed Yoga Teacher Training at Peachtree Yoga Center. Since then she continues to study with teachers that inspire her so that she can bring a richer and deeper experience to her students each time they meet on the mat.  Coming from a dance background she has always had a love for soulful expression through movement. Her ​passion is to connect people to their own joyful potential.

bearded plamenPlamen Russev is deeply committed to supporting human development in his work as a certified Integral Coach and Soulful Breathwork practitioner. His initial contact with this form of breathwork clearly revealed the deep yet gentle power of the practice and transformed his own life and development. Soulful Breathwork celebrates the uniqueness of each person’s experience thus allowing our own breath and our own body to become our most intimate allies and guides through life and into our authentic self.
$25 before 9/28, $35 by 10/28, $45 after

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