Yoga for Renewal 4-Class Series with Elisabeth Holmes

yogaforrenewallogoTuesdays, November 7-28,

7:30pm – 9:30pm

Deepen your healing journey with two practices—yoga and self-awareness.  

Yoga for Renewal 4-Class Series is designed to be an alternative healing approach. It’s made up of both a specific yoga practice and a healing circle. The yoga form utilized helps you re-connect deeply with your body, with sensations that have been lost, with tensions and resistances in the muscular structure which all have painful emotions associated with them (sadness, fear or anger).

The healing circle is a place where you are invited to find what is lodged in your heart, what is weighing on your heart, to respect what you find and to verbalize what you are finding. The result of this practice –yoga and healing circle– is to re-establish a trust in what has been found, to become conscious of the unconscious, to become conscious of the energy that has been stuckand to let that energy circulate freely in the body.

YFR requires you to be more active than in a “traditional” yoga class. It’s for those who want to deepen their healing journey. Ultimately, the purpose is to help you have more trust in life, and experience more joy.

Students come out of this series often with powerful insight. Some realize, for the very first time, they need to give importance to their own feelings. Others learn to respect their emotions and to speak their truth. Some realize they need to feel more and think less.

YFR is a great complement to the yoga classes that a yoga studio traditionally offers.

Each session includes a 90-min unique deep gentle yoga practice and a 30-min healing circle. This class helps you:

– Connect deeply with your body

– Unknot the muscular structure

– Become aware of your true feelings

– Identify your needs to live a joyful life.

Accessible to adults of all ages, body types and levels of experience, including absolute beginners. Series limited to 8 students for maximum effectiveness. No drop-ins.

2017CSVFF-Elisabeth-CinemaStyleSanslogoYoga therapist, yoga teacher, and practitioner in Gestalt therapy. French native, Elisabeth worked as a corporate journalist for years when she was diagnosed with cancer, in France, in 2004. It was then that she discovered yoga and studied under the tutelage of Aline Frati. In 2006, Elisabeth made the leap from Paris to Atlanta, and a few years later, in 2010, while still writing, she founded Yoga for Renewal, a style of therapeutic yoga that helps a person connect deeply with their body and their true feelings. In 2014, she was diagnosed with a second cancer, which compelled her to dive even deeper into the body and heart connection. Elisabeth has now let go of writing, and fully dedicates her time to YFR. She designs classes and workshops with input from a licensed psychologist, Laurent Malterre. Website

Price: $95 for the series. Register online here, mail a check to Candler Park Yoga 1630D Dekalb Ave Atlanta 30307, or at any regularly scheduled class. Registration deadline is Oct. 31, 2017.


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