Agustina Vega

image1(1)I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and discovered Yoga at the age of 18 and was instantly drawn to it since I wanted to explore spirituality and self-knowledge from a non-religious point of view. I felt I had found a practice that not only could make me healthier but also could offer a wholesome path.   I did my first Teacher Training in Argentina after graduating from Physical Therapy School. Not wanting to fall into the traditional pattern of rehabilitation, I wanted to offer patients something more to aid them in their healing. In 2015 I went on a long trip to India to study Ayurveda and I also took my 200 hour program in Dharamsala under the lineage of Kashmir Shaivism. On that same journey I also went to Thailand to learn Thai Yoga Massage and found a great tool to continue to experiment with healing through touch. In Argentina I used to teach a variety of classes at studios and also in a program that brought yoga and mindfulness to different corporations.

The past years, by fortune, my practice was directed to patients that were undergoing terminal diseases, and it was a very powerful way to see in very short time the great transformations yoga can bring. It also gave greater meaning and intention to my own path.

Through yoga I met my partner and that is the main reason that brought me to the US, since he was born here and we both wanted to combine our love for yoga and travelling.

This practice has allowed me to encounter all kinds of people and cultures and I’m happy and grateful for such an enormous gift.

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