Lee Furey

lee furyI started practicing yoga 36 years ago when my best friend came home from Governor’s Honors and taught me a few poses. A few years later, I learned more when I was pregnant with twins.

I wandered in and out of yoga studios in my 30 years of travels around the US as a literary historian. About 13 years ago I began   using mindfulness techniques to deal with stress-triggered asthma and anxiety. Gradually I increased my practice at home.

In December 2013, I happened into a Pranakriya teacher training class at Candler Park Yoga and was completely hooked by the conscious incorporation of advanced breathwork techniques into asana practice.

I started looking for more classes like that. Over the next few years, continuing my search for transformative breathing practices led me to became a student of kundalini yoga and mantra chanting.

Somewhere along the way this connection of breath, movement, and the growing freedom of voice that I needed to sustain my writing life moved to the center. No longer a peripheral adjustment to continue business as usual, my yoga practice forced a confrontation of my core values: I took a buyout to quit my full time English teaching job, sold my house, and made a new life centered on practice and writing.

I completed yoga teacher training with the Pranakriya School of Yoga and Healing Arts in April 2016. Linking breathwork and movement to explore consciousness, understanding how we store memory in the body, and using yoga as an engine of reflection, my classes invite those who are stuck in some way to see that we can always begin again by moving energy in the body.

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