Frani Green

I am a life long student of Yoga. I began meditating on the beach in my teens and then found yoga in 1985. Since then, I have continued my path and began teaching in 1993. My studies include many different styles of yoga, including classical hatha, Kundalini, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Kripalu, Restorative, and yoga for children. I have several certifications, including Classical Yoga 200-Hour Level 1 through Kashi Atlanta.

My background in theater and danceĀ is evident in my style of teaching. From beginners to advanced, my classes are designed to take the practitioner on an inward journey to their own destination of relaxation, tranquility and inner strength.

I teach gently, yet will guide you through to your strongest edge. Even though there are no perfect poses, I use hands-on adjustments to take each student to their deepest place within the asana.

A typical class includes tuning in, quieting the mind, chanting, pranayama, warm up, neck and shoulders, asana/posture/movement from standing poses to floor work, and always ending in meditation/savasana. A complete yogic experience.


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